About the Arkansaw Hog Sauce Family

Our family has deep roots in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. We are very proud of our heritage and the many gifts this state has given us. We have a mountaintop retreat we have used for years as a place to step back from the chaos of life and remember the simplicity of it all. We have spent countless evenings watching the grandkids fish and visiting around the smoker and grill. And where there is a smoker or grill, you can always find three things… family, friends, and good cooking.

I suppose that’s where our journey with Popa Sauce begin… in the smoker or on the grill. All of our life, we have enjoyed cooking for our family and friends. Years ago I perfected the time-consuming process of smoking various meats and set out to create the perfect sauce to accompany them. I realize that there are a multitude of barbecue sauces already available on the market which are produced and packaged in bulk. Marketing and graphic artists have designed and perfected their packaging and logos to help them sell their product. But that’s just it… those recipes were created simply to sell. That is the defining difference between Popa Sauce and all other sauces.

Popa Sauce was not perfected or produced in an industrial kitchen lab. It was simply created by a Popa who loves to feed his family and friends. After years of trial and error, we have perfected my recipe, and have continued to serve it to any and all who visit. Eventually those who tried it have encouraged me to enter Popa Sauce into various competitions. We have been fortunate to be a winner in Sauce of Honors, The Best of the Best, and People’s Choice.

I guess you could say that the rest is history. That’s houw Popa Sauce came to be. In fact, we never even came up with the name for our sauce. My grandchildren all just simply call me “Popa” and when Jayce was little he topped everything with “Popa Sauce”, therefore the name stuck.

Try it today. You will taste the difference!